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    Through these training modules, ANSWER aims to present innovative and interdisciplinary teaching strategies from an inclusive and participatory perspective. This learning is vital when it comes to facilitating both the learning process of students with disabilities in HEIs and the capabilities of teachers and staff to improve this inclusion process.

    The more people know about the process of inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities in higher education, the greater the range of opportunities will be provided to all people equitably and, furthermore, the more awareness will be achieved throughout the world.

    Anyone interested is welcomed to participate in each module as it goes live. To participate in this training, please sign up below.

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Available courses

This module aims to provide a theoretical and conceptual review.  It will also take the opportunity to show an evolution of inclusive practices through a review of legislation.

The contents of this module focus on showing examples in the implementation of support services.  In this way, we will learn about models, resources and strategies for dealing with diversity in the day-to-day life of the campus. Without forgetting that all this must be related to other services and accessibility at all levels of the academic environment.

Taking into account that student employability is a priority objective for higher education institutions, it is also a priority for students with disabilities. For this reason, we will address in this module both the awareness of companies and the achievement of internship agreements, among other issues on the transition from student to professional life.