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First Training of Trainers + Project Management Meeting

Campus of the University of Rwanda - Huye Campus

The University of Rwanda is hosting a groundbreaking event from September 26 to 29, 2023, to advance disability inclusion and human rights. Experts from the University of Alicante (Student Support Centre and Employment Centre) and the University of Macedonia will join in.

This event aims to tackle biases and misconceptions about disabilities, offering workshops on working with people with disabilities, discussing rights and discrimination, and contrasting human rights with disability rights. It will also explore inclusion terminology and guide participants in fostering an inclusive environment.

A key objective is empowering students with disabilities through discussions on self-determination and support in higher education. Join us in this initiative to promote disability inclusion and human rights and make a meaningful difference.


Agenda Training of Trainers at University of Rwanda, Kigali

Agenda Project Management Meeting at University of Rwanda, Kigali



Location: University of Rwanda, Kigali (Rwanda)