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University of Alicante's Accessibility App Introduces Subtitling and Transcription Tool

Picture of slide during presentation of Accessibility App: Subtitling and Transcription Tool at the University of Alicante. Lecturers from the Digital Accessibility Unit of the University explain how this tool performs.

The University of Alicante's Accessibility App on the university's platform (UACloud) has launched a new Subtitling and Transcription tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence, capable of generating subtitle files for any video or transcription files for any audio content. These files convert spoken dialogue into text, providing a segmented, time-synced document to be displayed alongside video content.

This innovation holds significant benefits for individuals with hearing impairments, as well as those without, enhancing accessibility and comprehension. Subtitles not only aid the hearing impaired but also serve as a valuable resource for anyone, whether they lack headphones or struggle with language comprehension.

It's worth noting that all processing and generation of subtitles and transcriptions occur on servers located within the UA, ensuring the privacy and security of multimedia files. This initiative underscores UA's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, facilitating equal access to digital content for all users

For further details about this app click here.