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Uwezo Youth Empowerment

Uwezo Youth Empowerment is a non profit youth organisation driven by building the capacities of children and youth with impairments and other disantages in a Rwandan Community. The organisation envisons a society where children and youth with disabilities and other disantaged fully participate and enjoy their dignified life. in this case, UWEZO mobilizes youth people with disabilities to join effort and build their capacities towards reducing barriers in the society that limits their participation. UWEZO believes that if youth with impairments are given equal chances of participating in the society their work can be valued as well. in this case, UWEZO is progressively instilling volunteerism spirit among youth with impairments as an option for not having jobs and also removing attitudinal barriers in the workplaces. a two days was organized to promote national volunteering among youth with disabilities on 26th and 27th March 2013 at Rainbow Hotel, Kigali. The training was sponsored by VSO International Rwanda and the National Union of Disabilities’ Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR). 45 youth with different disabilities were trained in National volunteering and many organizations shared their experience like the Rwanda Guides Association, Volunteers from the Humanitarian Organisations etc.

39 KG 206 St, Kigali, Rwanda
+250 783 285 228